How We Work

Painting may seem like a straightforward task, but there is a lot of details involved in the process. In order to get the job done right, we approach every job with a meticulous process.

Step 1:

Free Estimate

Our expert painters have years of experience in giving high quality bids and estimates so there is no surprises on the job. We do not require any money down to start the job and will not ask for payment until you are completely satisfied with your home. This way you can have a comfortable, trouble-free experience with any size project while working with Southern Painting.

Step 2:

Job Planning

Every painting job is different. This is why we thoroughly plan out what materials and tools we will need and how to best get the job done. Southern Painting always uses the highest quality products to date in order to ensure the best possible finishes on your project.

Step 3:

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the most important process in any of our painting projects. We are committed to the doing all the preparation by hand. We cut out the old caulking and re-caulk all the cracks and seams to seal up your home from all of the elements. We hand scrape all the chipping paint, wire brush any areas that need attention to make sure there is no loose paint. We will sand all the cracked and chipping paint to create a smooth uniformed surface to paint on. Finially we pressure wash the entire home in order to have a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. This keeps your home looking great for many years and ensures a product that will not fail.

Step 4:

Painting and Clean-Up

We take our painting seriously and want to make the best impression on you and your guests. Having work done at your home is stressful enough. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is extremely clean and organized. We'll make sure everything is picked up and cleaned each day before we leave the job site. This helps to create a clean and stress-free home project.