Interior Painting Lawrenceville, GA

Southern Painting is the best choice for interior painting in Lawrenceville, GA.   Since 1984 we have delivered a great service that translates into a fresh look to your home’s interior.  Our high quality work is sure to leave an impression on your family and guests.  

Whether you’re planning on painting a single room or your whole house, you can feel comfortable leaving the job up to us because we use the best painting fundamentals and materials.  We are a green painting company that does everything in an eco-friendly manner. We take every detail into consideration to make sure that we bring the utmost value to our clients and their homes.

 The interior of your home is something you will look at every day.  The colors you choose will set the mood throughout your entire home and your day.

For your professional interior decorating needs call Kim Yeager 770-513-4470


  We paint your homes interior using a full hands on technique like no other. Our team of dedicated professionals have over 80 years of combined experience in painting and design to help you turn your house into a home one color at a time. We still believe in taking our time and putting in that extra effort to create a flawless job that you will be happy with for years to come.